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The Lab Membership

Presently, the lab has four full-time members, and they are--in alphabetical order [drum roll]:

Boris Igic, Associate Professor
Boris is an avid fan of Chicago (a.k.a. the Miami of Canada) and its many faults; seldom defeated in the department table tennis league or backgammon, in rare moments when not injured. Founding member of the lab bicycling team, Giro di Gyro.

Andy Raduski, Ph.D. Candidate
Andy is in his last year of graduate school, after a B.A. from Indiana University. His thesis will examine the relationship between the expression of SI and realized outcrossing rates. His rock-throwing skills are formidable; alas, table tennis is not his strong suit.

Karolis Ramanauskas, Ph.D. Student
Karolis is in his third year of graduate school, after a B.S. from UIC. He is working on uncovering the molecular components of RNase-based SI across eudicots. He may be the only living Lithuanian not interested in basketball. Table tennis skills: medium.

Lucy Delaney, Ph.D. Student
Lucy is in her second year of graduate school, arriving with a Master's degree from CUNY (Hunter College).

People Formerly Known as Lab Members
Elizabeth Boyd, Former Student
Liz left in 2009, but not before she helped us finish an exciting project about the distribution of breeding systems in angiosperms. She is presently a Senior Research Officer at the Wyss Institute at Harvard University.

Kelly Robertson, Science Master
Kelly's thesis work was primarily concerned with breeding system evolution in Solanaceae. She graduated from the renowned UIC Pharmacy program, and is a practicing pharmacist. Also, a former member of the Igic Lab cycling outfit, Giro di Gyro.

Emma Goldberg, Former Postdoc
Emma is an Assistant Professor at University of Minnesota. When she was in town, we probably had the best table tennis, dodgeball, and backgammon intramural team in evolutionary biology and ecology.

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