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Pannell, J.R., J. Auld, Y. Brandvain, M. Burd, J.W. Busch, P.O. Cheptou, J. Conner, E.E. Goldberg, A.G. Grant, D. Grossenbacher, S. Hovick, B. Igic, S. Kalisz, A. Pauw, T. Petanidou, A. Randle, R. Rubio de Casas, J. Vamosi and A. Winn. 2015. The scope of Baker's Law. New Phytologist doi:10.1111/nph.13539. [PDF]

Vallejo-MarĂ­n,M, C. Walker, P. Friston-Reilly, L. Sollis-Montero, B. Igic. 2014. Recurrent modification of floral morphology in heterantherous Solanum reveals a parallel shift in reproductive strategy. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London (Series B) 369: 20130256. [PDF]

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Igic, B. 2005. Evolution and Consequences of Self-Incompatibility. (Ph.D. Thesis) University of California, San Diego.

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